Saturday, May 25, 2013

Trek Bloomers Tutorial

Hello blogging world!
I actually "started" this blog a few months ago but never got around to posting. Finally I've remembered to take pictures of something I've sewn, which is good news for you guys :) Well, here's my first tutorial: bloomers for pioneer trek! It seriously only took me 30 min the first time I made them. This time took longer because I misplaced the seam ripper somehow, plus I had a camera in hand as well, which didn't help.

Aren't they lovely? Well, I don't know if you could call pioneer undergarments lovely, but anyways. Have fun sewing your super-easy self drafted bloomers!

2 yds 44-45" fabric, preferably lightweight and soft (muslin works well)
loose pj pants
3/8" elastic (nonroll)
newspaper and tape
scissors, pins, pencil/pen, sewing machine, etc.

Step 1: Make your pattern
Examine your pj pants. Is the waistband elastic, fitted, or drawstring? If it's got a drawstring, simply untie the drawstring. If the waistband has elastic or is fitted, I'll help you later on. For now, fold your pants in half, pulling out the crotch. Tape two pieces of newspaper together and lay your folded pants on the newspaper. Then, if you are using drawstring pjs, simply trace 1 to 2" around your pants. If your pants have elastic or are fitted, go straight up from the crotch. Mine have elastic, so you can see that I added a lot of extra room in the crotch area of my bloomers. Next, cut out your pattern on the lines you drew and you have your pattern! You may want to save your pattern to make more bloomers later. (After all, trek won't have showers! Might want some extra clothes on hand)
Step 2. Cutting the pieces
Pre-shrink and iron your fabric. This is REALLY important! Seriously! Otherwise, your bloomers will shrink in the wash and totally not fit you! After your fabric is primed and ready, lay your pattern along the fold line as shown below.
Then, cut out along all sides EXCEPT the fold. If you cut along the fold, you'll cut your pattern piece in half and that won't be good! Then repeat, so that you have two pattern pieces that look like this:

Step 3: Assembly (yay!)
Now comes the fun part. Just bear with me, it's easier than it looks. Lay one pattern piece on top of the other, right sides together, and pin from the top of the fabric down to the crotch point. Then sew along your pinned lines with a 5/8" seam allowance.

Open your bloomers (still keeping them right sides together) as shown.
Next, just pin and sew along the inside seam of your bloomers.
Step 4: Elastic
Now, you are going to want to go along the top of your pants and fold about 3/4" over. Make sure to do this with the pants still inside out! Otherwise your casing will show. Simply sew 1/2" over from the fold you just made. Make sure to stop 1" from where you started, leaving room to insert elastic.
Next, take a safety pin and put it through one end of your elastic. You will now proceed to thread the elastic through your casing.
Once the elastic is all the way through your casing, go try on your bloomers, still keeping them inside out. Pull the elastic until the pants aren't too tight, but won't fall off. Pin your elastic together there and sew.
Now, just trim the ends of your elastic and finish sewing the casing closed. Repeat this process for the bottom of each pant leg and you are done!!! 

(Hint: move most of the gathers to the front side of your bloomers because it makes walking easier)


  1. May i use a pair of knee length mens basketball shorts in place of the pj pants? I tend to wear my pjs much too big and have to "hitch" them up quite often. The b-ball shorts are closer to my size :)

  2. These are great! Wearing bloomers is good for your health, in my opinion!